Designs By Lee carries a large assortment of birding products for novice to avid bird lovers.

Visit our garden center for:

  • Bird seed, food, and suet
  • We stock bird seed from Feathered Friends, Lyric, and Wild Delight.
  • We also have 50 lb bags of cracked corn, corn on the cob, and deer licks.

  • Bird baths and heaters
  • Squirrel-proof feeders available
  • Nyjer Feeders available
  • Bird feeder poles
  • Oriole feeders and nectar
  • Hummingbird feeders and nectar
    Hummingbird feeds can be made of plastic, glass or metal. Because these birds can be territorial, the number of hummingbirds that visit your yard may be affected by the number of feeders available. The hummingbird feeders we sell are easy to clean and fill. We also have hummingbird nectar for easy feeding.

Disclaimer: All seed and supplies are subject to availability from suppliers.