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Outside Nursery is Open! 

9 am – 4pm, 7 Days  a Week

Currently our outside nursery is fully OPEN and shop-able, 9 am to 4 pm, 7 days a week. Please wear a mask when shopping and maintain 6 feet social distancing guidelines. 
While the garden center remains closed, we are happy to bring any items out. We also can check you out at our window (located under the front porch of the garden center.)
As always, we can deliver bulk topsoil, mulch, trap rock and stone dust. Also we can deliver any of our other products or plant material locally. Please give us a call or send us an email for more information.
We also can do curbside pickup. Please be patient during this time as we are operating with a very small staff. For large orders, please email us a list
We thank you for your continued support during this difficult time and we look forward to helping you with all your gardening needs!
Updated May 4, 2020. 

Ilex X Santa’s Delight

Deep blue-green leaves are bordered by a wide creamy-white border which changes to pink in fall. Bright red berries complement the foliage and persist well into winter. A male English Holly pollenizer will provide best berry set. A proven winter survivor where similar varieties have failed. Evergreen.

Ilex X Scallywag

This robust sport of Little Rascal® holly is a more upright grower, still having a dense, rounded form. Shiny dark green foliage takes on attractive purple-burgundy tone in fall and winter. A wonderful foundation shrub with improved disease resistance. This male holly pollinizer will not produce berries. Evergreen.

Ilex X Little Rascal

This extremely cold hardy, beautiful little holly provides outstanding low growing bright green foliage to gardens with practically no maintenance! The dense, compact form has a rounded shape fitting nicely in today’s landscapes. Deep purple winter color. Use as a pollenizer.

Ilex X Berri-Magic Royalty

A profusion of bright red berries fall through winter is assured because a male pollenizer is planted in the same container. Makes a beautiful specimen or dense hedge; tolerates shearing well. Long lasting fruit is great for holiday decoration.

Ilex X Berri-Magic Kids

A profusion of bright red berries fall through winter is assured because a male pollenizer is planted in the same container as the fruiting female. The x meserveae species are the hardiest of the hollies with glossy, blue green leaves and purple stems. Ideal landscape accent, or plant in groups as a dense hedge or screen. Evergreen.

Ilex X Blue Maid

An exceptionally hardy, vigorous, broadleaf evergreen with snag-free, purplish-green holly foliage that is well suited along walkways or border plantings. A true holly look in a dense, bushy plant with bright red berries and purple stems. Evergreen.

Ilex X Dragon Lady

‘Dragon Lady’ is a hybrid between Ilex aquifolium and Ilex pernyi. The cultivar grows as an upright, symmetrical, very narrow pyramid. Spiny, evergreen, dark green leaves are attractive year round. Scarlet fruits mature in autumn and remain on the plant through winter. As this is a female plant, if fruits are desired a male nearby clone is required. Hardy.

Ilex x Nellie Stevens

One of the most attractive of all hollies! A vigorous grower with dense branches that creates an excellent tall screen. Producer of large bright orange-red berries without a male pollenizer, but plant a male Chinese holly (Ilex cornuta) nearby for increased berry set. Evergreen.