Protect your roses from winter winds and cold temperatures. After the first hard frost, wrap a rose collar around each plant and fill it with straw, shredded leaves or mulch. If possible, wait until new growth appears next spring before cutting back the canes.

Going away for the holidays? If you can’t find a plant sitter, consider using Hydro Spikes. They will provide your plants with water while you are away.

Deer and rabbit proof your valuable trees and shrubs by spraying them now with Repels-All or Liquid Fence.

Mulch tender perennials and newly planted shrubs to protect tender roots from extreme cold and fluctuating temperatures. Use loose organic material such as shredded bark or cotton burr compost.

Have you raked up those felled leaves yet? Your lawn still needs as much light as possible to prepare for winter. Also, leaves don’t make good mulch for perennials and should be raked or blown off perennial beds.