Remove old flower heads from annual bedding plants to keep them blooming. Watch for black spot and powdery mildew on rose bushes. Spray them with Rose Rx to prevent these diseases from occurring. Avoid watering the leaves as this will cause the disease to spread more rapidly.

Now is the time to feed your azaleas and rhododendrons with Espoma Hollytone. This will increase next year’s flowers.

Be alert for snail or slug damage in your hosta garden. Leaves will have many holes, especially near the edges. Thin leafed varieties are more desirable to snails and slugs than thick, puckery-leafed varieties. Use Slug Magic at the first sign of damage.

Give your flowers a boost with Design by Lee Bloom Master about once a month. This will provide you with a bounty of flowers for the rest of the summer.

Birds love blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries as much as we do! Protect your berries with netting before they ripen and are eaten by the birds.