Plant some new varieties of vegetables in your garden! ‘Chello’ a yellow cherry tomato, has a super sweet flavor and is just right for salads or eating straight from your hand. ‘Valencia Orange’ is an orange bell pepper that grows 4 1/2 inch fruits and is perfect for use in salads, sandwiches or cooked in a stir fry.

May is the time to repair your lawn. Fill in any bare spots by loosening the soil surface, sprinkle down grass seed and apply a light application of Design by Lee 12-19-22. Water the new seed daily for three weeks.

Bring indoor tropical plants outside for their summer vacation. Gradually get them used to the wind and sun by putting them out for just an hour or two a day and slowly increasing the time outdoors.

Place a pot of herbs as close as possible to the kitchen for easy access. Chives, parsley, oregano and mint are all ready to go out now. Basil loves hot weather, so wait a couple more weeks before putting it outside.

Apply a layer of crushed eggshells in the area where you plan on putting tomatoes this year. Tomatoes love calcium and this is an easy way to recycle and have healthier tomatoes this season.