Designs by Lee, Inc., makes the following limited warranties with respect to its products and services as described below:

Houseplants, annuals, and perennials are NOT GUARANTEED due to various environmental incompatibilities the plants may be exposed to after sale. Designs by Lee, Inc., guarantees new tree and shrubs that have been planted by Designs by Lee and maintained according to our enclosed instructions for one year from completion, excluding losses resulting from vandalism, animal damage, theft, severe weather conditions, winter burn, salt damage, improper watering, neglect, curtailment of water supply, and/or acts of God. Please note: wholesale purchases and plants purchased at discounted prices are NOT subject to our retail guarantee.

We do not guarantee: White Pine and Spruce planted in the shade; plants planted under evergreens, overhangs, or in containers. Plants that fail to survive will be replaced one time only free of charge. Labor to install such replacements will be billed at 50% of the original cost of the material. 

The foregoing paragraphs constitute Designs by Lee’s entire representations and warranties. In no event shall Designs by Lee be liable to purchaser for any consequential damages or for any damage done to existing pipes, wires, underground springs or obstructions not clearly marked and documented by purchaser prior to installation or for any of the above deficiencies which are the result of purchaser’s failure to follow instructions for care from Designs by Lee. Designs by Lee, Inc., shall have no obligation or liability whatsoever to any purchaser who has not made all payments due under the agreement of sale.

Note: Spring replacements will not be performed before June 15th. Transplants are not guaranteed. Original Invoice MUST be paid in full prior to replacements.

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