Ilex crenata – Japanese Holly Hetzi

Japanese holly is a dense, slow-growing, broadleaf evergreen shrub native to northeast Asia. The female cultivar ‘Hetzii’ grows relatively rapidly into a broad rounded medium-sized shrub. The shiny dark green leaves – resembling those of boxwood – are not as small as those of most other Japanese hollies. Neither the white spring flowers nor the black berries that follow are ornamentally significant.

Ilex crenata – Japanese Holly Sky Pencil

The narrow, columnar form is perfect for small areas. Dark green foliage stays neat year-round, often sporting small purple berries in fall. Outstanding evergreen for vertical accent, entryways or privacy screening. The leaves lack sharp points, making it ideal for decks and patios. Makes an elegant, formal statement in large containers. Evergreen.

Hydrangea Schizophragma

A superb self-clinging vine valued for its huge, creamy white lacecap hydrangea-like flower clusters. As the vine matures the fragrant flowers will increase in abundance. The silvery blue-green heart-shaped leaves turn yellow in the fall. Throughout winter, the bare woody twining stems will provide interest in the landscape. Ideal for covering fences or masonry.

Hydrangea Quercifolia Munchkin

An exceptional U.S. National Arboretum introduction. Enjoy a profusion of robust flower clusters that open white and age to pink, remaining upright even after heavy rain. Dark green, deeply lobed oak-like foliage turns brilliant mahogany in fall. Compact and well-suited for smaller landscape, in groups or as a hedge. Deciduous.

Hydrangea Quercifolia Ruby Slippers

A profusion of exceptionally large, white blooms in summer quickly age to deep pink. Robust blooms remain upright even after heavy rains. Dark green, deeply lobed oak-like foliage turns brilliant mahogany in fall. Compact form works in smaller landscapes. Useful for mass planting, hedge or border. Deciduous.