Hydrangea Paniculata Quickfire

Quick Fire blooms about a month before other Hardy Hydrangea varieties and flowers every year! Flowers open white then turn pink as summer progresses. This very hardy flowering shrub is perfect in mixed containers, mass plantings, as a hedge, or cut flower.

Hydrangea PG Standard

PeeGee hydrangea is a large, upright shrub. But most nurseries sell the plant in its standard form, having pruned it to one main trunk that branches anywhere from 3-6 feet above the ground. PeeGees can be spectacularly beautiful, with green, then white, then pink flowers borne from midsummer through fall on long, arching stems.

Hydrangea Mac Starlight

The first reblooming lace-cap hydrangea! A superior rebloomer with sturdy, upright stems, heavier bloom, excellent flower color, and thicker, glossier leaves with excellent cold tolerance. Elegant flowers transform from blue to lilac to pink with a change to soil pH. Stunning in mass plantings, containers or as a cut flower.

Hydrangea Mac Lady in Red

Offers distinctive color and style to the landscape over many seasons. Pinkish-white lacecap flowers mature to a lush burgundy rose. Deep red stems and leaf veins complement the lush green foliage which becomes reddish-purple in fall. Deciduous.